Dating Sites Niches

The popularity in online dating has been growing since the idea first came about. Initially dating sites were very general in the audience they appealed to.

In the UK, Dating site such as Match, Dating Direct and Plenty of Fish have gradually built up extensive databases of people who are hopefully single at the time of registering. While this is type of general dating site offers a full range of profiles, it can be a little daunting having to trawl through so many profiles.


Many people will add very strict criteria when looking for Mr or Mrs right, this can be frustrating and possibly a waste of time for those people who do not match that specific singletons criteria. A general dating site will have high levels of users who will be looking for one specific set of features and although they may tick their interests this does not mean they will only be visible to that set of visitors to the site. This is where niche dating sites come in.

Dating Site Niches

As more and more people seek to find love online, the need for niche dating sites to cater for a wide variety of people is increasing. There are mature dating sites for those over 50, and sports dating sites for those into fitness, there are even dating sites for people into horses, such is the diversity of online dating niches you would be hard pressed to think of a niche or interest which isn’t catered for by a dating site entrepreneur.

There are so many niche dating sites, but the sites generally work exactly the same, you will have a free registration area, free to browse profiles and add favourites but there will nearly always be a subscription fee to make the most of the site in question. This will allow you to send and read emails to other users and hopefully find a few dates.

There are some sites which are totally free to email, however, some people argue that these often attract the wring type of people who may not be very serious about dating. The theory being if you’re serious about online dating then you’ll be willing to invest time and money into it.

If you’re thinking about finding a dating site to join then consider your interests, look for a site that closest fits your interests and give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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