When to Tell Him that You Love Him?

Ever experienced that fiery craving to tell him that you love him? Are you afraid that he might not share the same amount of love that you do? When to tell him that you love him, after what period of time? Should she follow her heart and tell him as once that she has those feelings? Intrigued by the answers to these questions? Just keep reading and you’ll find the answers

Tell Him that You Love Him

With some time ago, I was discussing about the notion of dating, from the point of view of a man, meaning letting the relationships evolve in a rhythm that a man is happy with. If you just recently met, and he is still trying to figure you out, it is not the best time to discuss the number of children you want to have. If it is merely your second rendezvous, don’t even start to talk about your ideal wedding.

Women tend to have feelings for her partner, a lot sooner than men do, particularly if you are convinced that he is the one for you. It can turn into an agony holding back your feelings when you are sure that he is the perfect match. Nevertheless, with a capital N, it is wise for the woman’s sake to search for the next indications prior to say “I love you”

These are obvious indications that a man is in love with you or he is on the verge of being in love. If you can identify these signs, you may proceed with your desire…

Indication no. 1: There is more emotional connection between the both of you, than physical connection. In case sex is like 70% of the time spent together, the time for the “confession” has not arrived yet. Prior for a man to be in love with a woman, he need to emotionally connected with her. The fact that the two of you talk a lot, share with each other your passions and hobbies, frequent phone calls and romantic rendezvous is a sign of a close bond between you. If he is having these kinds of activities with you, it might be a sign that he is in love with you.

Indication no. 2: You know his mother over the telephone discussions you had with her. It is not a general rule, but a large number of men have a close relationship with their mothers. In case they feel that have met the right girl, it will not take long and they will tell it to their mothers. So, it is a good sign if you already had a conversion with his mother over the telephone.

Indication no. 3: You personally know his good friends. As all men like to brag about their latest love affair, and to present them the lovely and gorgeous woman he is dating. If he likes to brag with you in front of his friends, he is really appreciating you, and thinks that you are the right woman for him. This also indicates that you could go ahead and tell him that you love him.

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