How Men’s and Women’s Brains Differ

A multitude of recent scientific studies clearly indicate many differences between men’s and women’s brains as well as in the way they use them. While these studies do show differences, it is still too soon for scientists to know exactly what these differences mean. In general, however, it can be said that women tend to use both sides of their ... Read More »

When to Tell Him that You Love Him?

Ever experienced that fiery craving to tell him that you love him? Are you afraid that he might not share the same amount of love that you do? When to tell him that you love him, after what period of time? Should she follow her heart and tell him as once that she has those feelings? Intrigued by the answers ... Read More »

7 Most Common Complaints about Men

With the extra insight from understanding how our brains are different, women can begin to understand the answers to their biggest questions about men. Here are the 7 most common complaints expressed by women about men: When he is upset, he will not talk – It is not necessarily a fear of intimacy that causes a man to withdraw emotionally ... Read More »

Dating Sites Niches

The popularity in online dating has been growing since the idea first came about. Initially dating sites were very general in the audience they appealed to. In the UK, Dating site such as Match, Dating Direct and Plenty of Fish have gradually built up extensive databases of people who are hopefully single at the time of registering. While this is ... Read More »